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Healthful Living -- Eat Organic on a Budget

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Saturday 01/14/17 | 9a-11 | Brenda Tapia | Looking to make some positive new health choices for 2017? Have you long ago given up on eating healthy AND affordably? This workshop is for you -- along with a useful guide through all the jargon around the words like "organic" and "natural".

Brenda Tapia, with Wellnessabroso, will help us kick the year off right by making wiser choices in our food buying. This workshop will cover the reasons why organic is a better option for all of us. We will discuss the difference between NON-GMO label and USDA Organic label and how to identify an organic product in the stores. Learn why some organic products are not necessary as healthy as described on the package, and all about the "dirty dozen" and "clean fifteen" concepts. Brenda will explain the difference between a Co op and community-supported-agriculture (CSA) program. Take home with you a list of local sources for organic and sustainable food at an affordable price point -- and lots of ideas for selecting and using the best seasonal, local foods.
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