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Yoga Introspection

$15 per classNo purchase required to enroll
Saturday 01/14/17 | 11a-11:50 | Nicholas Auger | A look into the history and truth of this ancient discipline ...

Ever wonder how Yoga made its way to mainstream American audiences?

Join us for an in-depth overview of Yoga. The discussion will reveal where the practice and discipline of Yoga began, how it evolved and its true purpose. Yoga is not about touching your toes or any external focus, but is a tried and true system which allows one to turn inward, meditate, and experience tranquility in every moment. Yoga dates back to the sixth or fifth centuries BCE and is the most primal practice which all of life participates in: moving, breathing and stillness. This 50-minute lecture is the product of of eight years of knowledge, experience, practice, and instruction from a practicing, full-time Yogi, Nicholas Auger.