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Circle of the Day -- Mindful Listening


Thursdays | 5:30p-7:00p | Lisa Gale | $0, donations welcome

The Circle of the Day is a Discovery Circle called for adults wanting to participate and willing to honor the agreements outlined at the opening of the Circle.

Circles are formed and lead in confidence with the intention of providing the benefits of conscious listening and attention to each participant. A simple and straightforward structure of agreements provide a container of confidence, compassion and empathy for us in whatever we choose to share. Hosted with gentle guidance, Circles allow us an opportunity for deeper insights into our own experience and reduce ‘cycling’ in and out of stress.

The Circle of the Day is an Open Circle scheduled and themed to allow each participant to choose their own topic and enjoy the benefits of deep listening and conscious attention on any matter that may be important to us today, on our mind or on our heart or on our horizon.